Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung. We welcomed one last snap of cold air this week. It was nice to have a final taste of cool weather before the humidity starts to melt us all. History tells us that we usually get a cold front right before Easter.

We have some very exciting news!! Austin made it into LaVille School of the Arts for his vocals. This is a real opportunity for him to develop his voice and to be creative. Austin and I have been very busy over the last couple of weeks. He was on Spring Break and spent the entire week with grandma and grandpa. I think he enjoyed being able to spend quality time with them, especially grandpa. It rained everyday, but they were able to make it out for a couple of hours each day. I think grandpa is starting to get some serious cabin fever. I know I would.

I spent a few days out in Salt Lake City visiting my bestfriend Kara. It was funny leaving our 70 degree weather and arriving in snow, but I enjoyed it. We did a lot of shopping and catching up. One of my requests was that we drive past the apartments Austin and lived in while in SLC. My how things have changed. I also had to make a trip through Big Cotton Wood - it was one of my favorite canyons. Austin and I would go sleding and hiking in that canyon. As a matter of fact we even encounter a Moose one Spring.
We also joined the YMCA in hopes of keeping us active. Austin isn't old enough to actually work out yet (he has to be 12) but is able to do cardio, swim, kids fitness and basketball. It is a nice facility that is located downtown and on the river. I'll keep everyone posted on our fitness goals.